You know the name…

First things first, right? I can’t begin anything without a little introduction.

So, my name’s Rémi Germain, 21 years old for the moment, and student in Chemical Enge… Engi… Engineering (Damn, this word is hard to spell right.), in France. Ans, as a French guy, I might (will) make mistakes here, so, I’ll apologize in advance!

I’ve been a Bond fan for the last 15 years, and I belive my first Bond I’ve ever seen was Moonraker on television. I’ve fallen in love with the universe, and by now, I think I’ve seen all the Bond films at least 15 times each. My favourite Bond is, without a single doubt, Timothy Dalton. I know he’s not very popular, and I can’t help but love his two films, way closer to the Fleming Bond and realistic than any Bond from the Moore or Connery era. (Lazenby was quite impressive to, but alas, only made one film.)

Now, the most important question: what’s the purpose of this blog? Well, mostly Bond fan-arts I’ve made. I will try to explain in each presentation my different inspirations, and not just posting the picture.

Voilà! I hope you will enjoy the posters posted here, I’m open to any kind of criticism!

See you soon!




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